Campaign Insane Arcade Act 2 Chapter 5 > The End

Hi I was playing Campign with other poeple and got to this point but its impossible to get the other 3 players together at the same time, I want to start from A2C5 tonight at 12:30am English time [7:30pm EST]


I want poeple who know what they are doing please


thank you.


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add me

This will have to be tomorrow night now, 12:00am GMT - 7:00pm EST as I'm off in the bath now and won't have time, I'll add you and we will do the campign tomorrow, do you know 2 other people who can play?

Your in the bath? I lol'd

I was in the bath lol, we can maybe do this tonight if you 2 and someone else is up for it?

We will be starting at the point where you have to board the locust barage, but before you do you have to defend against theron guards repelling down