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I'd really like to beat the campaign as Dom. I've beat it on insane and am willing to help anyone beat the campaign on any difficulty as long as i can play as dom. Or if you just like playing the campaign with someone add me please, i don't usually check these forum so please message me.


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I will add you.

Ditto.  Just finished Act 1 on insane, so if anyone wants to go through with me message me.  Would like to go through as Dom after that...

Id also like to go through as Dom and would be willing to help someone else go through as Dom too - completed on Insane so thought I would do a quick run-through on Casual - add me if you want to go through it with me - thanks

I am looking for someone that can help me defeat Raaam in  Pale Horse battle,  man i can't figure it out?  Help Me

^-- Don't you like, Just run past him and jump onto the turret? o.o

Plus, Looking to do Co-op as ANY character.

message me!

tried that , that doesn't work. thenm damn birds get you evertime.... Would love to play co-op. but my membership ran out