Campaign Completion Discussion (SPOILERS!)


So what did you guys think? Pretty epic ending right? I found it a little unnecessary to smash Markarov through the glass to rather gruesome doom, crazy nonetheless.

Still a little disappointed that we had to lose Soap and then on top of that our newly found companion, Yuri...  :(

Overall, I thought the campaign as a whole was definitely the best of the trilogy, instead of your typical run and gun missions, there was a lot of interaction/innovation. So what does this leave us with? Nothing after the credits either. Could these be the end of our beloved MW?


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I didnt mind the sensless gore at the end...infact i was kinda expecting Markov to get it bad somehow

Best CoD campaign by far.

I was a bit disappointed to see the death of Soap, but since its a video game, im guessing its not the last we'll see of him.

I thought his death was a bit disappointing in itself, would have thought he would have gone out in a blaze of gun fire saving Price or something. But i suppose its what makes the game so real.

But apart from that i thought the campaign was brilliant if not a tiny bit too short.

The story and the scenery were all really cool. The gameplay sucked...even on Veteran.

I loved the end. That is how you kill a man lol. I felt kinda of bad for Soap and Yuri tho.

played campaign... loved seeing Zachaev's arm ripped off and 50,000 U.S Marines Die and Makarov Rag-dolled.. was expecting to blow his head off with a shame to see Soap die.. i honestly thought he would of stayed longer through the campaign.. atleast until the mine makin sure price got on the Blackhawk... 1 problem thou i am speechless and disgusted that the little girl got blown up.. thats worse than the Airport massacre in MW2.. this is the first game ive played where a kid has been introduced and died!...  there i was playing kill confirmed and a mate in the party just blurted out that was the worse thing hed seen ina game and was completely speechless.. but this is my opinion and cant see anyone else agreeing with me.

Regarding the girl dying... welcome to a well made war game.  If you're going for realism, this struck gold

A little curious as to why you 'loved' seeing 50,000 Marines die though..........

[quote user="Jagriff"]The gameplay sucked...even on Veteran.[/quote]

I'm not sure what you meant by this. I thought the gameplay was fine - smooth and logical. What I didn't like about Veteran is that it was too easy. I felt like it should have been harder.

i do prefere this to any other game out there... i 'loved' it because it was unexspected and i spoilt it for my freinds in party chat! :D.. and this doesnt make me racist that i 'loved' seeing 50,000 U.S Marines die.. its an expression

and for the record... its nice to see a mission from a different perspective.. like when the guy killed Steiner in Blackops.. and they you get to play the other guy 20mins earlier.... wicked!! love that sorta game play.. u cant get that anywhere else

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