Campaign cheevo not popping, help please?

I'm a noob (or is it newb?) to this game, just started the campaign a few days ago but loving it.  Gonna give lots of deets about my issue so that all the information is out there.

First of all, I keep my gamertag and game saves on a USB drive since I play regularaly on Xbox's at 2 different locations.  Last night I completed the mission called "Zero Dark Thirty" on Normal difficulty and when the next mission was loading, the achievement ("Save Me Some Cheerleaders") didn't pop like it normally does.  I thought this was weird and hit the Xbox menu button to check my achievement progress, and it said my gamerscore was 0 (it's actually over 26,000).  I exited the game then restarted it, and after ensuring my profile was properly logged in and my actual gamerscore was once again displayed, I replayed the entire mission from the beginning.  Again, at the conclusion of the mission, the achievement didn't pop, although the game registered the completion and recognized the M-COM stations that I had found.  Next, I turned the console off, restarted it from scratch and played through the same mission on Easy difficulty, but once again, no achievement even though, when looking in the "My Campaign" menu, it shows that I've completed this mission on both Easy and Normal.

Any idea what the problem could be?  I was reluctant to play through another mission and see if the achievement would pop in case it would prevent me from getting that one as well.  Thanks in advance and hope the explanation wasn't too long.


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are you sure you've completed the mission all the way? 


keep playing and if it doesn't pop... you can try to save your game save file on a different device and remove the file from the current USB and start over.

Yes, positive.  In fact, when I restart the game and select to resume my campaign, it pops me into the next mission.  I'll go ahead and save the game onto my hard drive and play it again to see what happens.  Thanks for your response.

OK, so I moved my game save over to my hard drive and played through the mission again.  It's getting pretty easy at this point, been through the same level 4 times now.  I picked up the last M-COM station, finished it out, and even played a few minutes of the next mission, but still no achievement.  I checked the "My Campaign" menu again, and all 4 M-COMM stations are verified, and both the Easy and Normal completions are highlighted, but the achievement never popped.  Ugggggggh!

Have you looked at your achievements? You may already have it, which is why it's not popping up.

You might try cleaning your cache and let the game reupdate.

hmm your playing on two different xboxes with one account, if anything that has to be the problem... you said both xboxes are connecting to xbox live. My question is has one xbox downloaded any of the map pack addons? has the game been patch updated on both? if anything I've noticed in many games on the xbox with achievements not popping, that if the game has a dlc and it was downloaded after the game was patched, then it's good to clear the cache and download the patch again after a dlc addon. It's happened to me in other games and once, i've cleared the cache and downloaded the patch again they pop.

if that does not work then just play the game on the main xbox where your account is mainly based on.

Ronin6336 - Yes, I checked the achievements, and I have not been awarded the achievement.


StrikeSudden - Sounds interesting, how do I clean my cache??


CosmicStrike - Actually only one of the Xbox's is connected to the internet and therefore connected to xbox live.  That's the only machine I've played this game on.  I did get the VIP pass and therefore I've downloaded the extra map packs that come along with that.  And just a couple days ago I downloaded the most recent game patch update.  But all of that occurred before I completed this particular level, and I received the other campaign achievements as usual.


I'm going to go ahead and play the next mission and see what happens.  Worst case scenario would be that I'd have to finish the game, get all the single player cheevos out of the way, then delete my game save and start over, playing through this mission again to complete all the achievements.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't so anal about cheeves but I can't help myself.

Well, I played the next mission and the achievement popped.  I went ahead and finished the game, played the last mission on Hard, then played a little MP (enough to get the "15 Minutes of Fame" achievement).  I went back and checked from the desktop, and I've definitely not been awarded the achievement for finishing the mission Zero Dark Thirty.  I wonder what gives?

this is another reason why these new forums suck... this same problem happened before to someone else and i can't remember what he/she did to fix it. but now that all the old posts are gone we can't go back and find it.


my only other suggestion would be to play Zero Dark Thirty on Hard.

I agree with you 100%, it's really a shame that the answer is probably already out there, but unrecoverable.  Thanks for the suggestion and I'll go ahead and play it on hard.  At least this game is fun.

If anyone else knows the fix for this problem please LMK.