Campaign Blues!!!

As a newer MTG Xbox player i like to hone my sills in the Campaign against the AI before heading online, plus sometimes i just like to play the campaign instead of dealing with the headache of playing an MP game.

However, i can no longer do that with the release of 2012. The Campaign for this game is Terrible! I have not been able to beat the first Boss yet. Not because i dont know what i am doing, i did finish the campaigns for the original game pretty darn well.

Its because the Friggin game WONT LET YOU WIN! Every time i start the campaign against the first Boss everything goes really well and i start slowly edging ahead of my opponent and then steadily start to Spank him. EVERY game, roughly when i have have knocked his Life points down a certain amount the game starts stacking the deck against me and cheating so the AI can win! Yes cheating!!!

The last two games i played, when i was 10-15 life points ahead of the AI, i suddenly ONLY drew land cards every turn and my opponent suddenly only drew its best creatures. Yes i drew a land card TWELVE turns in a row! in my last game i was spanking the crap out of the AI completely until it got where my life was 25 and his was 5 and suddenly i couldnt even touch him and once again only drew land card EVERY turn?!!!

I honestly dont think i have EVER seen a game cheat this bad and i have played a lot of cheating games :)

I guess i will just have to try MP games and hope i do OK, i am done with campaign if i cant even beat the 1st guy at the lowest diff setting!!!




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Just finished beating Koth and what I did was used the white deck and equipped charaters as much as possible. Still it took me like 10 games to win. The game I won I had the same problem as you with getting like lands 6 straight turns. The game is definitely programmed to favor the AI not sure if it is cheating but I guess the developers want to make it harder to beat. What it lacks is randomness as the same scenarios play over and over. As for the above poster you can't edit the initial decks

I've had the game for about a week now and have just finished the main portion of the game.  Will be working on the other 2 shortly.  I've been playing Magic for about 20 years now and trust me, even in real life it can get hard.  Just keep trying.  Remember, you have 2 decks to start with.  If you are finding it difficult (and it gets worse after the first one), buy a deck key for 80 points and unlock the full deck to help yourself out.

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