Campaign and Achievement Progress being erased

I'm sure I'm not the only one this has happened too, but I just want to get an idea of how common this is.

How many of you have lost your campaign progress and achievement progress suddenly? 

For me, when I first booted up the game, it asked me to adjust the brightness again, which I thought was weird. Then, when I went to check my achievement progress, all of the progress on the campaign was gone, all the collectibles, and the executions for the Judge, Jury, and Executioner achievement were reset as well. 

I'm still able to continue from my latest campaign mission, but all of the achievement progress regarding the campaign (and the executions) are gone, so now I have to go back and redo 3 acts of the campaign on hardcore. (BTW, does beating the campaign on Insanity unlock the hardcore achievement as well?)

So yeah, how many people have this problem too?


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A similar thing happened to me - all Campaign progress was erased and I couldn't access any previously played missions through the Chapter Select menu. I kept all Achievement, Collectibles, etc. I had earned/found.

same exact thing happened to me everything reset and I have to beat campaign all over and get all the collectibles... sucks just a tad

Oh that really sucks. I guess it's not just me then! Does anyone know how to fix this cuz i really dont wanna do almost all the campaign over again. Thanks!