Campaign achievement run-thru


I'm looking for some people to party up and get some achievements in the campaign. I need two to complete the original 1000G. I'm happy to help out with any other achievements that anyone else may have too. The only things I need to do are: -

  • Complete Midnight (mission 8) on Heroic or Legendary
  • Save all six marines on Infinity (mission 4) on Heroic or Legendary

If you're up for helping out, send me a message and I'll invite you to the game!



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How did you get Legendary Solo if you never completed Midnight? Didn't happen to glitch your way to it, did you? I hope you're stuck DOING the rest by yourself for that.

I need to complete Midnight for the co-op complete achievement.

Here's a tip for Midnight on solo.  Carry a Promethean Incinerator with you to that part with the bridge full of crawlers.  When you go through the portal...line up your shot straight away towards that knight that spawns in with the binary rifle.

I've completed the campaign on Legendary (solo), I need to do it with a partner in co-op.