calling all call of duty fans we want you to join and post

Hey call of duty fans we looking for your hate mail,finny msgs ,pictures ,video's of call of duty stuff i hope you'll join and post its on facebook and its called Mw3 mail call hope to see you there and good luck in call of duty


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Hey call of duty fans, we are looking for your hate mail, funny messages, pictures, and video's of Call of Duty. I hope you'll join and post it on Facebook. It's called MW3 Mail Call hope to see you there and good luck in call of duty.


Here, I fixed your original post for you so normal people can read it.

LoL @ Dub

Dubstep - thank you for the translation, much easier to read and understand now.

I take it he's not normal. Or he wouldnt have been able to translate ..........

Oh wait ... I could understand it just fine too.

thank you so much

I think they already have something like this. It's called YouTube.

hey you dont have to hate i was just putting it out there

Not hating, just stating the obvious. I understand what you're trying to do, and it's a valiant effort. But it's no different than all the people posting about their 1337 clans on here other than the proper clan forums where they are supposed to be. There are already a CRAP ton of YouTube videos, and even dedicated channels, for hate mail. Like I said, not trying to hate, just being blunt.

In other words, stop trying to pollute Youtube.