call to arms on NG+

hey all im looking for anyone who wants to help me run pretty much anything on new game plus i say this cuase like a NooB i went on to new game plus way eariler then i should of and now im paying the price so if anyone can help pease please please please let me know ASAP i mean i need help now so i dont do anything reckless with my equipment so to speak


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What SL are you at ?

right now lvl 90 which i realized that is way underlevel for what the game is cause honestly when a tree beast thing that has all physical attack damge and i have my tank gear on and they some how still can break through it like im a deprived class makes me think i fouled up by not farming before or after Gwyn on the first run

lvl 90 isn't too low. What tree beast thing do you mean?


those living tree/bush things that can whip you with branches or feast upon your head and if Lvl 90 isn't to low it sure feels that way even though knowing my luck somehow i have a feeling messed up somewhere with my stats somehow idk what i did wrong cause i mean i made a wanderer because i liked the whole speedily bonus they had and cause of whatever i did wrong my guy wields the black iron set and the eagle shield which isn't the way i really wanted to take him but hey it works i guess

I used a wanderer too. Those trees guys got to get slapped up before they hit you. I use a straight sword of some sort with a strong attack followed by a a quick strike. It's always 2 hits before they are dead. Pyromancy obliterates them easily. Upgrade that glove if you haven't already.


yeah i have the furysword +5 thanks to NG+ now my flame is = +9 yet somehow they still get me only way im surviving is heavy class armor on a light to medium armor class char its kinda ridiclous

The Furysword should make light work of them. Lust use target lock and hit them. They didn't give me much of a problem. Get that glove to +15. It will make a big difference.


yeah definatly been trying should of done the +15 glove on my first playthrough but like a noob i said yes to the male trainer you save from the Butchers when he asked about the Great Chaos Fireball and i killed his @@@ then having no real luck ever finding Quellana i was like wtf & fml at the same time after i killed the human male (Luarentus) trainer

At least you can find him on NG+.You can't find Quellana until your glove is +15. She is in Blighttown.


must be why i never could find her hahaha