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I just need to more Call of the Dead achievements..the one where u need to kill 10 zombies with a Scavenger from over 100 feet..and then the one where u have to make a zombie explode withe the my 2 questions are does anybody have any tips on the 10 zombie kill by the scavenger? ..and does the V-R11 need to be pack a punched to make em explode?


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I think the VR does the job in three shots to one zomb, unsure if PaPd though. The Scav cheevo should be easy enough if you find someone who can run a train. Let them train and you blast em from the top of the lighthouse or ship. Just PaP both the VR and the Scav to be safe.

The VR needs to be PaP'd.  For the scavy ... watch the solo cheevo run on youtube to kill 10 from 100 feet away.  That's what I did.  

But, You basically run in circles at the bottom of the lighthouse outside to gather them up>  Then run but, don't get to far ahead of them ... through the tunnel that leads you back down to where you start the map.  As soon as you get down the wooden stairs, switch to smg, and sprint all the way down to the bridge with the olympia ... turn around, whip out the scavy, and aim into the tunnel.  They should just be rounding the corner.

You'll be on round 10-11 before you'll be able to pull this off.  It took me a long time.  It's all about how fastyou can get to the box.  And how fast you can pull the scavy out of it.

The bottom of the lighthouse is an excellent place to get the scav cheevo.

-another tip:  PHD Flopper helps out a lot if you run trains by the AK74u....if you run counter-clockwise, you can flop from the top of the hill (a little past the AK74u) towards the bottom to clear out any zombies that may block you in.   Doesn't help with the cheevo, but helps a lot for higher rounds.