Call Of The Dead Team

Hello guys,

Since the map was released i have struggled to find a able enough team to complete the easter egg on this map sending the crew to paradise i would be more then grateful if we could assemble a team tonight and get this done once and for all please leave a post and add me if your interested =D


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This is so 2 months ago.

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for sure dude. add me, cobalt0001

i've already done it but its always good to do it again because you'll get a waff every time you kill george afterwards!

Added you dude and messaged you =D anyone else?

This can be done with 2 people. I know because I did it with my buddy(who did the whole thing) lol I was just there to get the achievement and fend zombies off so you should be fine with cobalt.

still need more people to help me :(

Count me in, i need help with this as well so add me when your next on to play.

yea im deff in i almost had it with my girlfriend and i playin but when i got the the next to last step i done one thing out of order and lost it so add me and i will help