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My friends and I just started playing this mode, yeah we're a little behind, and I have a question regarding the launch gate...thing on the first boat.  There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to when this thing activates once you have the power on.  I can't seem to find any switches that drop it into it's ready position, we've gone most of a few games without seeing it work.  Does anyone know how to get it to work 100% of the time?

Thanks in advance.


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the launch gate (flinger) turns on and stays on once you have cleared the first part of the path to the lighthouse and have the power on. You have to have the landing area opened, get it?

So, it's just a matter of removing the other boat leading into the cave?  Good to know, thanks!

Now yr on the trolley.

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You have to have access to the starting point, and landing point.  Same goes for the Zipline at the top of the light house.