Call of the dead - I am officially useless at this map.

I can get to 25+ on Der Riese, but I can't even last 6 rounds on this stupid map. As soon as I get onto the ship, they are coming from everywhere at me.  I can't even get enough money to get jug




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I would suggust that you look on youtube for good solo strategies. That may help.

I can't seem to do anything either. The mystery box is usually my downfall. That and the fact that now matter where you are they come from everywhere. I guess we just keep at it, maybe there's a good solo strategy on youtube or something.

I've gotten to round 29 solo. The right weapons and the lighthouse is the key to getting to higher levels.

You just need to make yourself a route when things get out of hand. Open the ship so you can zipline when it gets crazy, then lure the zombies into the water to freeze, and one you open a few main doors on the lighthouse and turn on the power, the launcher thingie is available. Good ways to get out of trouble, I used them to get higher rounds myself.

Pay attention! Click the link in my sig if you want to see this in action.

       I can get to 25+ every single time with this strategy. First thing is to buy Quick Revive, then knife as much as possible. Once you have 3200 open up the boat to the top and buy the M16 on the way up there. This should be around level 4-5 and you should have extra money as well. From here it will cost you exactly  5250 to get Jugger.(not including ammo) When round starts stay on the roof where the power switch is(DO NOT OPEN POWER DOOR YET) and kill them as they come up the stairs and through the window. When you have to reload back up to where the zip line is and if you can't get a reload in then jump down the zip line, now it can get tricky here, depending on how far into the round you are(if they are still spawning in big time) you can either go to quick revive spot and fight them off, or (what I like to do) come down the zip line and let them group up for a minute and run back to the top of the ship by the zip line. Easy money this way for 2,3,or even 4 rounds.

Ok by round 7 or 8 you should have a good amount of money(just make sure you make a crawler every round and bring George down to the water everytime to keep him out of your way) Now it is up to you if you want to get Jugg or not here, I like to wait til I have at least 8750 which will get me Jugger, and put me in the backyard of the lighthouse(which is where you will want to be)


Make a crawler, go get Jugger, go to back yard of lighthouse. You should be at round 8-9 I would say, once there DO NOT OPEN the boat/debris that leads to the ship. Once there continue to run slow circles in a clockwise direction(counter/anti clockwise just doesn't work the same) Let the zombies spawn in completely(24 I think) then turn and shoot(oh by the way you should have bought the AK-74u from the wall) then continue to do circles, George will eventually make it over there and will kind of just mill around in the middle, just be cautious of him.


I always buy sticky grenades before I go to the yard, but it is a preference. Always make a crawler and every round go do what you need to do, Box, Windows, Claymores, or whatever you do between rounds. From doing this you will net at least 3000-4000 per round til you hit 20, then you will start getting way more. By 15 or so you should have all 4 perks, I like to get PHD Flopper and Stammin up, then I kill George 3 times and get the rest of them for free,  and a decent weapon upgraded, I prefer the AK74 upgraded along with Raygun if I can get one.


Just continue to do this and go to the box, Oh and a VERY important thing here DO NOT GET THE DEATH MACHINES when in the higher levels in the back yard, you will die with it I promise.


In the beginning I had the hardest time getting through levels 6-8 on Call of the Dead, there is just something about those levels. But try to do what I said here and you should be good to go. A very important key for this map is to KNOW it VERY well. Always have an escape route planned, NEVER back yourself into a corner, if you think you cannot kill a zombie run away and try again when you have more room/time, Keep moving at all times, Only turn your back to zombies when running!! Try to never walk backwards and shoot, and Aim down your sights ONLY when necessary!!!


Good luck and sorry for the Novel I just wrote, but it is hard to write strategy in a few sentences!! Hope this helps you.


@ Silky, Are the claymores really worth the effort and money? I have yet to buy them.

Hey I know it was months ago, but thanks for that strategy SILKYJJ

This can be a tough map.  I developed a solo strategy to try to get all 8 perks at once, which I finally accomplished.  Here is how I did it:

A.  Restart level 1 until the mystery box spawns near the lighthouse (through the cave).  You only have to open 1 door to access the box here.

B.  Knife as much as possible in round 1 and 2.  Hopefully you get a max ammo or double points.

C.  Once you are out of ammo and grenades, clear the boat in the cave and hit the box ONCE.  If you get unlucky at the box just make it work.  It should only be round 3 or 4, pistols and snipers are ok (CZ is really fun in early rounds).  Run whatever you get out of ammo before hitting the box again.

D.  Once you have enough cash, go down the back stairs and open the door to access the bottom floor of the lighthouse.  Don't open any other doors yet.  Run circles on the bottom floor (carefully, becuase you don't have jug yet) until you have around 4500 points.  Open the door with 2 lights to access the ice slide.

E.  If it is round 7 or earlier, but the sickle off the wall opposite speed cola.  I know it sounds crazy, but it will be 1 knife kills until round 9 or 10 (can't remember exactly).  The sickle will pay for itself pretty fast and comes in handy later.  Run around the yard behind the lighthouse using the sickle.  Try to keep the zombies from grouping together too closely.  1 double-tap will kill you since you don't have jug yet.  Go after single zombies, avoid the groups.

F.  Once you have enough cash, turn on the power and buy jug and quick revive.  Running circles in the bottom of the lighthouse is much easier now that you have jug.

G.  Continue to hit the box, trying to get a Scavenger (best weapon for killing George).  Don't waste any ammo!  If you don't like the weapon the box gives you, go empty it into George, or at least try to make it work for 1 round. Once you have bought 2 more perks (for a total of 4) focus on killing George to get the wonderwaffe and free perks.

H.  When you kill George and get the wonderwaffe, go back to the bottom of the lighthouse and run circles.  Let as many zombies spawn as you can, so that you are killinng tons of them with each shot.  Wonderwaffe should last you 2 or 3 rounds this way and earn you around 10,000 points before it is out of ammo.

I.  Keep killing George for free perks and wonderwafffe.  Using this strategy I had all 8 perks by round 19.  I was lucky and got AUG from box on first try, and also got Scavenger pretty early.  I didn't use the Scavenger for anything except killing George.

Good Luck!