Call of the Dead -Everything you need to know!

After reading about 500 posts on the same topic, I decided to put everything into one thread.  Enjoy!

How to activate the song (Not Ready to Die - A7X)

   1. To the left of where you spawn, there will be a rock on top of a barrel, Press X.
   2. On the first floor of the Ship (to the right of where you spawn) there is another rock, Press X.
   3. Now go to the room under the lighthouse, and the floor above where the old crew is being held, there is a clock with another rock under it, Press X and the song should turn on (most people think its the clock but the rock is there).

Solo Easter Egg (Dempsey, Nikolai, Richtofen, Takeo)

   1. The are located in the room under the lighthouse (not the spiral staircase).
   2. Knife the door a few times until you hear them talking, they will then tell you to find them a fuse.  The fuse is in one of three places, one each desk upstairs of that room, or next to the filing cabinet on the floor of the same room.  Press X to pick it up and bring it back downstairs.  To the right of the door, there is a fuse box, press X to put it in there.
   3. Knife the door a few times again and they will tell you about the generators.  There are four of them. They must be killed by grenades, and you can buy semtex's at the bow of the boat (semtex makes it easier IMO).  The first one is directly behind you, so turn around and throw a grenade at it. (The red light will go out). The second one is behind the Stamin-Up building,  Open the door at the bottom of the light house and go all the way down to the building and go the the window to the left.  Throw a grenade at that generator.  The third one is off the left side of the boat.  From the spawn, run up the first staircase to the boat and run to the left side immediately, don't run up any stairs and no other doors need to be opened.  The generator is in the water at about 10 o'clock if away from the rest of the boat.  The last generator is right where the two boats split in the middle of the rocks.  Drop down to the lowest catwalks and toss a grenade at it.  Now go back and talk to them again.
   4. Richtofen will now ask you to find a Golden Rod.  First you have to go to the Power room at the top of the ship.  Turn the wheel until the brown handle is in the bottom right corner.  Go to the left of the wheel and you will see three levers.  Press the one on the left, once.  The middle one is not turned.  The one on the right is pressed three times.  You should then see a green light at the bottom of the lighthouse.  Go to the bottom of the lighthouse WITH A ZOMBIE and the V-R11 and turn the zombie into a human.  The zombie/human will run to the green light and start floating up, kill the Zombie/human before he reaches the top and the golden rod will be down.  Bring the rod back to the door and a short dialogue will ensue and the Easter Egg is complete and you will get the "Stand-In" Achievement for sending the crew to Paradise.                                                                                      

Co-Op Easter Egg

The First three steps of the solo easter egg (fuse, generators) are the same as in Co-Op.

   1. After killing the generators, Nikolai will ask for Vodka.  Vodka is located on a railing either right outside the room or somewhere on the ship. It looks like a giant block of ice on a railing.  One person will stand next to the vodka on the railing and the other will stand below it.  The person above, should knife the vodka until it falls and the other person catches it.  If it falls to the ground, it was spawn in another spot immediately.  Bring the Vodka back to Nikolai.
   2. Richtofen then asks you to find his Golden Rod.  The broken radios play morse code, after associating them with letters, it spells out "VRIL" or V-R11.  If you press them in chronological order you hear a foghorn noise and if you do it wrong, you hear the sound of the box moving.  Next, turn the dials in the proper order, the dials should read 2, 7, 4, 6 from top to bottom.  This step just takes time messing around with the dials but you will get it eventually.  The next step is to play the foghorns in the right order.  The order is the one at the bottom of the ledge, then the one next to speed cola, then the one by the lighthouse door, and finally the one behind the rock on the other side of the ledge.  A green light should appear from the submarine and shine into the light house.  Finally, bring the crawler or any zombie to the bottom of the light house and zap him with the VR-11 (doesn't need to be PaP'd).  He SHOULD start floating up the middle of the light house.  Once he gets to the top, the golden rod should appear at the bottom.  Bring the golden rod back to the door and listen.  Once the fuse box starts sparking, knife it and you will hear them being warped to "Paradise".  You then get the wunderwaffe and the Achievements.

Perk Machines

Quick Revive - Right at the spawn, go through the water to a small island. (1500 pts)
Juggernog - Under the bow of the boat.  (2500 pts)
Double Tap Root Beer - At the back of the boat (2000 pts)
Speed Cola - Down the Ice Slide at the bottom of the lighthouse out the back door and to the right. (3000 pts)
Deadshot Daiquiri - At the top of the lighthouse. More accurate hipfire and auto-aim to head when ADS (1500 pts)
Phd Flopper - In the room above Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, and Nikolai (2000 pts)
Stamin-up - Go out the back door of the lighthouse and straight down the stairs and through the water. (2000 pts)

New Wonder Weapons

V-R11 - Turns zombies into humans and makes zombies follow it away.  Doesn't kill the follower zombies but it does take a load off your back for  a while.  If shot at George while aggressive, he calms down for  few minutes.
V-R11 Lazarus - The only difference I see is that when shooting George in water, he goes down the staircase he came in from and stays there for the remainder of the round.

Scavenger - A sniper rifle that shoots sticky electro-bullets.    It will stick to a zombie and then explode, killing all zombies in the area.
PaP'd Scavenger (Don't remember name) - More powerful and more ammo.  Other than Death machine, is the most effective way of killing George.

George Romero

Easiest way to kill him, every time you get a death machine, put him in a lake and unload the entire death machine on him.  it takes at least 4 death machines to take him out.  The other most effective way I have found is to PaP the Scavenger and hit him with that.  It's also best that George is in the water already so he doesn't get angry.

If you have the V-R11, you can shoot him with it to calm him down.  If you have the PaP'd V-R11, and shoot him while he's in water, he will go back to his staircase that he came up in for the remainder of the round, but you will not get the achievement.

If I forgot anything or have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!


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I don't know what happened with my text above but check out my vids in my signature - I have the MP and Solo Easter Egg guides and other videos if a part is giving you problems.

Pap'd Scavenger + Jugs + Flopper + horde of zombies = Awesome

The scavenger ****s ****reat for taking out ****eor****e for the achievement.  

****'ve ****ot a video showing every step for the ****ult****-player easter egg (all the steps ****n one vid - **** show the order for turning the dials, radios, and foghorns), another video for the solo, and one vid showing how to ****et stuntman, quiet on the set, and shooting on location.  Check out ****y signature ****f you are ****nterested.  

Matryoshka's are extremely effective too.  They'll OHK the human.

Your CO-OP instructions fail to mention that you have to kill the human after shooting the zombie with the VR-11. The Golden Rod will not drop down to the bottom of the lighthouse unless the human is killed. (Scavenger /Ray Guns work well)

I'm pissed off you can't kill george. Last night I killed him for the first time and he came back 3 rounds later. I used bullets too, wasn't using the upgraded VR-11

It is in a 1234 order...

Could you write this in a 1234... Order then explain each step I'm confused???

[quote user="TheXxGuy"]

don't George get more powerful when you have more people with you ? like take more hits

[/quote]Yea, it's easier to do it solo


don't George get more powerful when you have more people with you ? like take more hits

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