Call of the dead EASTER EGG help

ive been trying to do this on solo but i cant and all my friends dont wanna help.i have a mic but i dont talk in it unless there my friends i know for real so please help i really want the wunderwaffe dg2


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What part are you having trouble with on solo? It is actually rather easy on solo, co-op is a whole other story(not hard just time consuming)

im stuck on the golden rod part because everytime im on that part i die and i never get the VR 11

i need that achievement too lol I can help you get it, my highest level is 32

ok when

Same here, I did it solo but haven't got a chance to do it with someone on co-op.  I know all the steps so if you want some help message me.  I'm on all the time.

i will help on multiplayer i am after both solo and mp inbox a time and i will play :)

I'll help out cause I need it too. Assuming you still need help as well

The DG-2 is a waste in CotD. It completely screws the person who has it.