Call of duty top 5 in BC why? -.-

Such a shame, so many other actual good games and all the people that vote only care about is call of duty. I don't dislike call of duty but seriously its basically the same thing every year. Don't use the exo-suits as in excuse saying that's new cause now they will never remove it look at black ops III. 5 freaking call of duty games in top 15 most wanted Backwards compatibility list. I am ashamed with the xbox community right now... hopefully the cod players will switch to the other system now that they get dlc early cause I don't understand. You want them BC so you can never play them and be too busy playing Black ops III? The moment a new one comes out they jump on it immediately and forget the ones previous to the current/newest.


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I will never buy another CoD ever again, if Activision pumps out one more next year, then it's time to boycott them, CoD days has been over since MW3, while Battlefield (and even Halo) continues to get better than ever!

It's because people love COD. I always come back to COD4, Black Ops and even MW3 from time to time. It's a lot of fun especially when you get friends to play as well.

I voted for them because I go back and play the campaigns and zombies still. I don't really play the mp unless it's treyarchs mp.

I am also saddened with Call of Duty taking over the top 10.  It really is weird considering if you play 1 Call of Duty, you have pretty much played them all now.  The only thing that really separates them outside of name is different weapons, perks, and maps.

I hope the Xbox Team recognizes that, and puts out other games first such as Red Dead Redemption, Fable, Splinter Cell and other fantastic games. (RDR is still holding its own against the barrage of Call of Duty games.)

This Call of Duty craze has really become unbelievable.  I stopped purchasing Call of Duty MW3 (which I enjoyed), but I had to make a stand against Activision for pumping out the same game every year, with essentially the same animations, loadouts, lack of strategy and Innovation.

Here is to hoping actual good games don't get overlooked to the Call of Duty cloud that wont go away.

I'm a fan of the older Call of Duty games. Black Ops 2 was okay and so was Ghost  but I dropped off after that. MW3 I played for quite awhile but not as long as the other ones, this is where the decline started for me. Black Ops, MW1 and MW2 where really fun and I put in a lot of hours playing those games. The only games I played multiplayer in when I first got my Xbox 360 was Halo and Call of Duty. I played a little bit of multiplayer in other games but never as much as I did with those games. In fact I can guarantee that those games I played over 5 years ago have the most time spent in any other multiplayer game. The only other game I say that I put a lot of hours into was Home Front when I was trying to get all the achievements. Now though I main just play Single player games.

Because math.

The top selling games would have more potential voters voting on them to be BC.

FPS games, IMO.  Will often rank at the top in the voting, and COD - with the exception of AW in my view - via the 360 were some of the best FPS titles to be had on previous gen consoles.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and WaW are both filled with modders. In fact, I got de-ranked in CoD 4, and I could not unlock ANY of my custom classes upon ranking up again. I would hope that playing backwards compatible Call of Duty titles that are known to be infested with modders would mean a re-set of everyone's stats. Then again, I doubt that Microsoft or the developers would be willing to do that much work or research on it.

Aren't the online modes of all these games filled with modders? I'm still unsure of how all this is going to work.

Lol they might jump on it immediately but you can always go back and find players on the old ones. A lot of people actually like to go back and play... Black Ops 2 for example because of the zombies.

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