Call of duty ghosts won't load :( any help appreciated (digital copy)

So i bought and downloaded ghosts last night and when I got on this morning to play for a bit I launched ghosts from xbox home and it immediately brought me back to the dashboard. So I tried several times to see if by any chance it would magically start working but unfortunately it didn't. I tried all the suggestions I've heard such as rebooting  the xbox by holding the power button, unplugging and waiting 15 minutes.  I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it doesn't even load it just kicks me back to the dashboard. I thought about sending back my xbox and getting a replacement but I have 3 other games that work just fine (tomb raider DE, nba 2k14 and titanfall) and being as i already had to replace my original day one edition xb1 because of disc drive failure titanfall is the only physical xbox one disc I own I'm terrified of buying discs for fear that my disc drive will mess up again (Although it does run smoothly with titanfall).  I have no problem waiting for a replacement but it just doesn't seem necessary seeing as ft works fine other than not loading ghosts so I'm kind f holding off on replacing the system as a last resort kind of thing. Does anyone have any kind of solution to this loading problem? Is it just a bug that needs fixed/updated either by activision themselves or Microsoft? Or is it a system issue? Any kind of help is appreciated.


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Nevermind  after speaking to MS support AGAIN we've come to the conclusion that I have a "defective console" and now I have to do a repair. So I'm going to have it expedited and hopefully instead of waiting a month like I had to wait to get my day one console replaced, maybe it'll only take 14 days:(.