Call of Duty Elite

WTF. New premium members who had trouble downloading a map pack get double exp and prestige tokens in MW3, but the founders and previous premium members don't get ***. WTF Microsoft. Your a bunch of greedy no-life's who need to get your priorities straight.  Since when does buying something 6 months later entitle you to more stuff then those who had it before it was even released. 


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Your opinion doesn't matter to them. Money does, I'll be the spokesman for Activision: (MS can't give away in game items) "Hello TAKECLEAR, and thank you for your loyalty to Call of Duty, but we have to give you the finger, we don't care what you want, your opinion mean squat. Money matters, so please, step aside and let more little kiddies spend their money on our game, GOOD DAY SIR!"

When elite first came out I got double xp and one prestige token. Then later on I got another prestige token. Also, M$ has nothing to do with this.