Call of Duty Elite will just encourage more boosting and cheating ?

i dont know what kind of security measures they'll have in place but it  seams like they just gonna encourage more cheating by glorifying stats and  promoting prizes


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And that's why we also have Gears3 and BF3.


BF3 has stat-tracking too... don't know about gears.

And that's why we also have Gears3 and BF3.

the last thing any cod game needs is more stats and leaderboards for modders and cheaters to try and exploit,so they can look "cool" to their mates.

^^EA has NOTHING to do with CODs, at all, just saying.^^

Before the release of the COD Elite site they (EA) said it would be up to there membership to govern themselves on cheaters, boosters, modders, etc…..At least they are all in one place fighting among themselves and not taking me out LOL over and over again.  Remember, as each day passes that puts the COD series games one day older, if EA can shut down there BF2 serves down for being too old of a game, it’s a matter of time they start shutting down these old and I mean OLD COD games.  The only this this series did was grab our money, hatch a punch of punks who think their crap doesn’t stink, and making a bunch of gamers into COD addicts….

I stop worrying about cheaters I don’t like them but I can’t control them. I went as far as to offer my time FREE of charge to MS to be a freelance police officer because I can play online all day/ night banning these fools but they were not interested in that idea. It made me to understand MS is still part of the problem as much as EA is, I realize we are all being had by MS and EA with that said,  keep your private matches among your closet friends in your real life and you will be cheater free in your game play of COD BO’s otherwise, we have to just deal with it.

They've already said they're going to closely scrutinize the tournaments, I don't know if it'll "glorify boosting" in regular game modes though... doesn't seem to be that way in halo.