call of duty black ops shooting on location achievement help

I need help getting this achievement every time I get the gun my team mates go down and I usually get ganged up on by the zombies in a corner so I need some people who can help me get this achievement please


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This ones pretty simple, your best off having it upgraded as the blast is more powerful and takes out more zombies but its not essential.

First of all, stay in the area where the game begins, you've got plenty of space to run around and dodge the zombies

Try and do it towards the end of the round so you can hopefully get the last 10-20 zombies of the round behind you

Do laps and dodge them until youve got them in a nice group behind you (also make sure you do this when its clear and not foggy) then go onto the ship and head for the flinger.

Make sure they are pretty close behind you but not so close they get killed by the flinger, then get your scavenger out and jump on the flinger, as soon as you land look back toward the ship and you'l see them all running back down the stairs to the starting area, take aim and do your best to actually hit a zombie, if you dont think you can get a direct hit from this distance then shoot the ground a little ways infront of them. Another reason upgrading the scavenger makes this easier is the scope will then be Infa Red and you can see the zombies no problem, fog or no fog.

I did this 1st time i tried.

Hope this helps.

What is the achievement anyhow? That isnt the one involving the golden rod is it?

Kill 10 zombies with the scavenger from 100+ feet away.<br>

I ran circles at the bottom of the lighthouse, used a grenade to make about 20 crawlers, ran to the top of the ship and fired a non-PaP'd Scavenger into the horde (slowly crawling back towards Quick Revive) FTW.

would be kwel

What I did was at the start of a new round I stood at the top of the ship while someone ran a circle near the 74u  

Oh damn, that is some achievement. I still have yet to luck out and get that gun in the mystery box.

I actually got it like a day or two after posting this thread but now the next question is do any of you have hell boy the science of evil game because I am looking for people to play that game with so I can get three achievements