Call of Duty: Black Ops server is not available at this time . . .


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Yup, it's been down for about 30 minutes for me.

    I was having problems on and off last night ( to about 4 am ) and sometimes it would help to reboot and connect again.

    It was kind of odd though ...... there were times it would come up a big "connecting" timer on the screen ........... but I could see the game and map loading behind it. Sometimes it would let me play and sometimes it wouldnt

For once Im happy I play this game on PS3.  No problems at all last night.

elite beta started last night. servers going to crash every time they send out invites?

Someone must have spilled their coffee over at Treyarch.

I was pissed, knew I should have been playing on my PS3 last night instead. Was on lever 18 on Call of the Dead when this happened. Thanks alot Treyarch.

I got home from work at 11:30 pm last night...loaded the game and ran into the same issue. Tossed in some RDR and just relaxed.

Yah same problem. Been getting disconnecting while playing and that message is brought up. I know it isn't my connection what so ever. Good ol' Treyarch.

Idk if Im banned. I talkedyo Activision and they sent me a message im banned! Its been down for me for bout 5 months

Anyone help?