Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Revolutions Map Pack.....Cant play :(

ive bought the "new" revolutions map pack (season pass) downloaded it on my xbox (a small 108kb file?) yet when i goto start a game and use the "revolution" maps, it only tells me that i have to goto the xbox store (which it just asks me to download it again, which ive done 4 times) the weird thing is although i cant play any of the maps (even in public combat training) i still got the new gun and the season pass holders badge? any ideas why i cant play the maps? :(


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You have to download the map pack which is like 1.8GB the 108kb is just the season pass and not at all the map pack. When you start up mulitplayer let it load for a little while and underneath the options menu a menu that is "Store" will pop up. Click on that and you'll be hovering over the season pass, hit right on the left thumbstick and you should be hovering over the revolution map pack. Download that.

Brilliant, thanks for your help :)

Is anyone else having the problem were you go to play the map pack and its completely gone from multi player and your guns gone but yet your hard drive says you still have it and you can make custom games with the new maps still. Called live support and everything they have told me to do hasn't help and were saying something about some people got to keep it and some didn't cause their working on an update were everyone can have this map pack?

Are you trying to go into the map pack only playlist? They removed that from the game. Just go into whatever game mode you want to play and the DLC maps are mixed in with the regular maps. As for you missing the gun, I don't know what that is. Try going in to your xbox's memory and see if the Revolution map pack is corrupted.

Ha just realised that the maps are mixed now, tho kinda lame cause no one seems to vote for them now :( I re downloaded the Dlc again and my guns back, thank you for the help :)