Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Early Play, whats the deal?

Once again, it seems shops/stores have broken the release date.  I've been reading 'rumors' that early players are being punished by Microsoft for it.

I'm seeing countless messages from concerned and confused customers, who want to know if they will get banned for playing before the official release date.

So far, I've been telling everyone to hold off the temptation to play it, but I was hoping we have some sort of definitive answer...



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As long as you purchased a legitimate copy of the game, then yes you can play it early.  Some people have connections, and some people get it awarded from major companys such as "Machinima" and others. :)

Spoke to xbox to confirm this, They told me they'd recommend not to play online until the release date as they are currently banning people...They also said create a new account and just play zombies , campaign or combat training.

Got my game today :)

It's safe to play. The multiplayer servers are now up and running for people who were lucky enough to get early copies, and David Vonderhaar himself is giving the a-ok to anyone who has an early (legit) copy and wants to play


Yes! It's safe to play from Treyarchs position , however Xbox themselves may ban you instead!!

Microsoft will NOT ban you for playing a legit copy. They have confirmed this countless times.

Yeah, we go over this every year. Microsoft only bans people who play illegal pirated copies of games. Such as the Halo 4 fiasco that took place a few weeks ago.  If you purchased it from a store, then you have nothing to worry about. Obviously they aren't going to ban someone for putting in a disk he just spent $60 on. And anyone who tells you otherwise is a moron.

Maybe its time for a sticky for all these "ZOMG BLOPS2 LEGIT DONT BAN ME!" and "HALO4 MTN DEW 2XP WAAAAHHH!" threads?

[quote user="BlackSilverAce"]

Maybe its time for a sticky for all these "ZOMG BLOPS2 LEGIT DONT BAN ME!" and "HALO4 MTN DEW 2XP WAAAAHHH!" threads?

[/quote] I'm all for it if it gets rid of all this useless muck. How many times must these questions be asked before people finally get it? Maybe people should do some research on the interwebz before spamming forums with their inane inquiries.

It's just as bad as the " Why isn't X franchise on Y console threads?'

some people don't understand legitimate copy means you couldn't have bought a review copy or something like that from ebay.

if you bought a retail copy of a game you can play it. period.