Call of Duty- 50% skill 50% having a good connection

I'm sure im not the only one to think
like this. But this day in age who wins or loses a game is usually
not decided by who has the higher skill level but rather  who the the
better internet or match connection. This post I guess you could say
is mostly directed towards black ops but it could apply to any call
of duty or online multiplayer for that matter. This is a huge problem
for me, and I know its connection problems because skill level is not
an issue for me. I could be in a match and go 25-0 one game and the
next barely have a positive k/d. This even happens playing in the
same lobby or even against the same people. This issue is literally
night and day. I find it hard to maintain a good connection. Now I
doubt it is actually my setup because it seems im not the only person
in the world to experience problems. I dish out over 70 dollars a
month for internet. My download Is usually around 80 to 100 mps, my
upload around 8mps(could be better, don’t know how to improve it
really....) and ping around 15 to 25. I have my xbox hardwired to my
router, which is wireless but I make sure all my devices are shut off
before I game and yes my connection is secure. I even have forwarded
ports on my router specifically for the xbox. Now some times when im
playing Cod I can shoot and have my sights  pointed 10 feet to the
left or right of the enemy and still get hit markers and other times
I can aim directly at them and wont get crap. This is especially true
for the chopper gunner. I can have the sights on the enemy and wont
get a hit marker, sometimes ill have a chopper gunner and wont get a
kill. But what really kills my....maybe they're modders or hackers
but there is people that never experience a bad connection. I'll
usually add these people to my friends list just to watch there
videos. These people *** everything and there accuracy is usually
horrible but they'll get hit markers like crazy, I mean they could be
pointing at the ground and the enemy could be 10 feet away and
they'll still hit him. But this good connection is not just a 1 or 2
match thing, they always have a superior connection over everyone.
And when people try to shoot them, bullets don't even touch em. These
people usually have a KD of 3.0 or higher and its not just black ops
because ill look at there kd on MWF2 and its the same thing for them.
A good example of this is Bobbya1984 on IGN everyone knows this guys
has horrible accuracy and yet he always has an awesome
connection..... why is this? And people that put quick scoping vids
on youtube. Listen people quick scoping is not long as
you have a good connection. And these people always have a good
connection. I just don't understand this. Are these people some how
hacking or is it something to do with how they connect to black ops
server. And these so called pro gamers on youtube,yes I understand
you're good but so is your internet connection, you just out shoot
everyone and no one can touch you. So next time you take a look at
someones combat record  and see they have a insane KD, don't think
for a second these people are better than you, just that chances are
there internet or match connection is far superior than yours. Yes
this is a very long rant,Please if have taken the time to read this ,
leave a comment so we can further extend this conversation........ PS
don’t be a d*ckhead because I can show you a real d*ckhead.


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Sorry a little too long to read the whole thing but you are part correct (50/50) but also part "off". It takes "skill" to overcome poor Connection issues. I'm not saying it will always happen but it can, overcome a better Connection with anticipation.

true true.

Sometimes, what you see when killed in COD doesn't add up with what you see on the kill cam. But I try to remember if it happens to me, it must happen to them too.

I am like a dog with a bone with my broadband provider to ensure they give me the best quality broadband connection. 

It isn't really having a bad internet connection that will do it to you. I think it is just the host/client matchmaking they have in CoD. I would love to play it on dedicated servers sometime but I am not gaming on a PC. What happens to me is I will be doing great, at least around 25 kills 5 deaths for an a streak of TDM matches. Then one game the host migrates and I can't hit the ocean with a rock. I end up leaving the game because I am have such bad luck and what do you know, I am host! It seems everytime I am host I get completely screwed.

Whoa that's way more in-depth information about the game mechanics of Call of Duty than I ever cared to read about, definitely don't have the time for that one. But yeah, to keep it sweet and concise, it's always been about the lag.