Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Hackers and Modders

I don't know if this topic exists or not, but Call of Duty 4 has WAY too many hackers and modders. A player under the gamertag "[Mod Removed]" was generating messages at the top left of the screen saying "best infections join (website name)". The web site being advertised was either [Mod Removed], I can't remember which. So Xbox staff and Infinity Ward staff, can you please check Call of Duty 4 sometimes? Because I got de-ranked by someone. The hacker didn't have messages or anything, so I didn't know who it was. I had -21,000,000 experience points. And I've filed complaints before, but the cheaters I reported didn't get banned. Can someone reply to me on this subject as soon as possible? Thanks.


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They know it happens but they just give the subject the blind eye

^ this, in fact you will probably get in trouble for mentioning their names on the forum. Name and shame IMO but MS has other rules

They made it clear that the most recent cod is all they care about...which is a shame because cod4 was probably the best cod IMO right next next Waw.

I remember the glory days of cod4....

Try and find a single thread that is not about modders.

Glad to be a silver these days.

The user in question has already had a gamerscore reset. Please us the tools provided to you via the console to report cheaters. Thanks!