call of duty 4 genitive XP ??

Hi guys

Im new to cod 4 on xbox i joined a free for all online game and played up to rank 7 . not high at all i know but the problem is i got invited to join a game and not knowing any better i joined and am now sitting at a negitive xp i cant join any online cod matchs its all grey says i need to be rank 1 private to join . 

please could someone help me out i dont hack or any of that sort i wouldnt even know were to start i just want to do some honest gaming.

Any suggestions ? 

Thanks in advance


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you cant play unless a friend invites you to their game..if you want to play on your own you will need to open a new account..there is no way around time if you shoot someone and it comes up minus and lots of numbers..dont back out the normal way (your stats will be saved)..go straight to dashboard or better and quicker..turn off your console.

The same thing happened to me.. I went from lev 45 to 1 in seconds.. Got kicked.. now everything is grayed out. I called Activison.. The help desk said that I needed to be invited back in.. I don't think that''ll take care of the negative ranking (-3331904). I have to play non stop for a very long time to to lev 2...  My gamer name is feldjager66.. An invite would be much appreciated. There was a mod going on.. though it was a little strange...  I'm not a cheater.. i'm not that great.. but like playing...  Invites please... They also said being invited to a private match????   Anyway...


getting an invite back into a modded game is not the way to get your rank back.

deliberately joining a modded game can get you a lifetime ban from xbox live.

activision will tell you anything so they don`t have to act themselves.

im sure if he wants to get his rank back up surely those from xbox will realise what he's doing..if no one will help have to help yourself.

Xbox says they have no control over the the game site.. I just want the invite.. I don't care about the rank now.. Just want to get back in. Just a plain invite please..  would be much appreciated...   "No mod" lobbies...

You know every time I get the urge to play cod 4, I see threads like this that remind me to just stay away!  I really like this game and wish they would at least have an update to correct the concern!  I am currently sitting at 10th prestige with all the good stuff, and have some good stats to go with it.  So I will stay away just to keep my stuff in place

good stats?..i was 6 thousand in the world on kills leaderboard this time last im about 90 thousand due to the hacked kill ratio this time last year was 1.32..i go on it often and win most games yet my ratio is still should be at least 2.00 by otherwords everything has been turned off as far as stats are concerned..not sure about recorded iw this game does not exist anymore.

Ohh.  I am stuck at 155k in the world at kills now, when I played back at launch I was in the top 20k all the time.  I did try it last night and found a smooth hack free game experience.  I did enjoy it rather well, and surprisingly their are still people playing ffa to have full lobbys.

stats do not exist anymore as i said which is a shame as i enjoyed the stats..ive been on it years and stats is like a goal to aim for..there are still some good players on here but if you do your homework and do as the forums tell you about -xp you will not have a problem at all..ive been on it since the hacking started..ive come across one derank lobby..i dashboarded and thats all i did..i wont let the modders stop me playing the best xbox game of all time.