Call of Duty 3 Forum Is Dead.............

..................But the game is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Just remember JNB, we will still be playing long after they find you swinging fom the rafter in granny's basement. Wahhhh nobody undersands me, wahhhh daddy beat me, wahhhh I have no friends.

Yes roughly between 8pm and 4am in the week UK time and weekends.

The scars from daddy will eventually heal. Give it a chance.

See you at Eder Dam tonight. Enjoy it while it lasts.

is there still alot of online players? would like to play this again

No the game is dead, only the really crap players still play as they cant play  anything else.

True story Man. The game is still going strong. Shame MS had to feck the forums up!

Ha ha ha epic fail by CalculatingDork

Wahhhh nobody undersands me, did you mean understand's? what a failure.

Thats right, I can't spell. And you'll still end up swinging all alone in the basement with a banned ISP cord wrapped around your lumpy neck mumbling "all I was trying to do is impress 8 year old boys with my computer skills".

Er dear dufus did you mean a CAT5e cable per chance? ISP cord, Pffft failure again.

You should report your Dad to the police.