Call of Duty 2 Alive?

Is the Call of Duty 2 multiplayer alive? Are there a few people online?

Please, if you can look a sec for me, it would be very great ;)

Kind regards, Fabian.


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it was a while ago due to the modding on the others,not sure now though

about last month when i played, there were a few people playing, i got into a game fairly quickly

CoD2 does have its own forum though so you should probably go there

Are there even modders on COD2?

Ok, thanks guys. I played CoD2 on PC for a very long time, years ago. But my PC is too weak now -.-'. I loved the game

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Are there even modders on COD2?


No theres not,thats why people started playing it again,and number 3 as well.

The multiplayer doesn't work on my disc :(

@Rage Machismo

What does it say when you try it then?