CAG Recruiting

With over 100,000 hours combined between all CAG members, CAG operates with a cohesiveness unparalleled by other clans. CAG operates using real life tactics which requires discipline, trust and teamwork by all members to achieve victory. Opposing Clans who have fallen victims to CAG in the past will no doubt say we are "CAMPERS", but the truth is, we are just that damn good when it comes to Tactical Videogame Warfare.

We here at CAG have prided ourselves with being one of the most fun and easy going CLANS around for the last few years. We have seen many members come and go over the last few years as well. Many people have tried to join our CLAN, but have failed in the process. We hold a high standard when it comes to joining CAG. All recruits go through an extensive process before they actually become members of CAG. We do not tolerate trash talking or insults against other CLANS or members of our own CLAN. Any member who is found doing so will be immediately removed from our CLAN. Members who are also caught cheating or glitching will be given demerit points for doing so. If these violations continue, they will be removed as well.



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