Cabn anyone recomend me any good games?

Hi havn't played xbox in time to be honest and my xbox is sat there gathering dust so fancy getting some new games and getting back into it and woundering what games these days are good for online or just good in general. any recomendations would be appreciated sort of lost touch with gaming and wanna get back in haha. thanks in advance :D


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What kind of games are you looking for? I need a starting point.

I posted 2 good games in your other thread.


Castle Crashers. BioShock one and two and Dead Space one and two. Skyrim if you like long epic RPGs. and KoA: Reckoning

Bioshock, Dead Space 2, Syndicate, Borderlands, Rage, Dead Island just to name a few.

Metro 2033, Singularity, Rage, Bioshock, and Dead Space.

Left 4 Dead [great fun and co-op]
Halo Reach [Great story & Multiplayer]
Trials Evolution [loads of fun and replayability]
Skyrim [all round great RPG, practically never ends]
Battlefield Bad Co.2 [if your looking for a great military FPS with a solid multiplayer]
Dead Island [All the Zombies you could ever ask for] 

gotham city impostors and monday night combat (both xbla)

Battlefield 3, Halo:Reach, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim and last, but not least one of my personal favorites.. Final Fantasy XIII. It's got a decent story, interesting characters and it's cheap right now. I'll say you can find it for about 20 dollars.


The Witcher 2

Battlefield 3

Gears of war 3

Deus ex

Pretty much all call of dutys

Prototype 1 and 2

Dead island

Rayman origins


Saints row 1 2 and 3

Battlefield bad company 1 and 2

La Noire