C'mon, we all know you still play Battlefield Bad Co 2. Talk about your BFBC2 clan!

Well, I figured I might as well start this thread because so many people still run clans in BFBC2, but nobody posts anything here that I can find.

So, there's a cool clan I'm friends with a lot of the members of, they run around and try not to stay in houses or camp with sniper rifles. Another clan I know of practices precision long distance sniping from hard to reach areas-that's their specialty. Another clan I've seen a little bit of is pretty hardcore with their rocket/**** combos. And still other clans don't have any specific goal or class, just guidelines or strategies. Some clans are just for conversation, even.

So anyways, describe your clan here in as much or little detail as you want. Shout-out to NBK Natural Born Killers, you guys rock.

My clantag: XEQ

Recruiting: Not anytime soon

Friendly/ally clan: NBK

Are they recruiting?: I believe so

Their requirements?:

-Try not to camp (stay in the same spot for a long time shooting everyone that goes by), especially if you run recon

-Don't be wearing body armor all the time

-Sniping is not very favored, only do it when necessary

-HAVE FUN! That's an important one

Anything else, you can find one of them running around and ask about it. Don't worry, there's a lot.

Now talk about your clan or ally clans! ^^ 



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