A moderator deleted my thread about Op Metro because it had a few of these: *****, in the thread. It's censored, what of it? Even so... just delete it if it offends you? :P bwhahaha!


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so tempted to say

"in b4 lock"

^ Your already said it. :o

The Mods here are all crap.  I'll make no secret of that.  Logic and common sense don't seem to be their strong points.  They would rather delete or lock a perfectly good thread for some mundane reason but let a spam thread that goes no where remain on the forum.

The mods here are as good as DICE's community manager.

seems to me like the mod here lets alot of shenanigans go on, maybe that thread had something else goin on

Just because you post has ***** in it does not make it right. Profanity is not allowed in any way shape or form. The **** simply make changes to words that are blocked. Those words still fall under what not to post as per the forum guidelines, ToU and CoC. All three are the rules that govern the forums. Just like your LIVE profile the forums are rated E for everyone.

Now if you have a problem or a question for a Moderator send one a PM. A list of the most active Mods can be found here. Reasons for posts being deleted are sent via email. If you did not get the email please check that  the email address associated with your LIVE account is the correct email.