Buying points for a child

hello all,

The time has come to purchase some points for my daughter, but there are some things I don't understand:

I looked at the family Gold package and I can't see any indication of how many points you get for your 12 month subscription. So it's just a set of privileges and no actual points?

There's nothing else that really grabs me in the advertised menu for 'Gold membership', so it seems like a lot of trouble to go to just to get points that all the family can use.

Then, when you click on the 'subscribe to Family Gold' button, the thing that I'm actually interested in (distributing points to family members) is not ticked!  Is this a glitch in Microsoft's sales system?

 (was hoping to post a screenshot here, but I can't see it as I write this so looks like the chat box didn't accept it)



So it seems my options are:

a)    Buy the points in my name and then let my daughter use them by letting her sign in as me.


b)    As her parental controller I can temporarily give her permission to buy, so the credit card is then used under her xbox ID, then go back and block the permission again – is that what most people do? Still seems a bit of a runaround..

 Many thanks, Mr Anderson


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MS Points are bought seperately from a Gold Subscription. If you use the Family Gold Plan you can allocate and distribute points to the other members under that plan. If you do not have the FGP then you can not do that.


If you buy the points on your account then whatever is downloaded will be associated with your account. If you want it associated with your daughters account she will need to download it with hers.


If you are not a FGP member then what you should do is just buy a points card from a retail shop and redeem it on her account. Do not just give the card to her and let her redeem it at a later date. Too many children have fallen victim to phishing scams where another player offers to do something for them in a game in exchange for ms points.

thanks Temhotabot - a card it is then.   (Was hoping I could "go green" and avoid a trip to the mall)

Another thought though..   How do the scammers get kids to transfer points if they're not part of an FGP?  -  isn't there an opening there for the parent to transfer to the child in the same way?

Once you use the card points can not be transferred.  If you enter the code the most your child can really do is spend it fast. Just make sure they don't have access to the code. A good thing to do is make sure the child does not know the account password. That way they cant give it out. Take a look at this post It might help you with a few tips for your child's online safety

Buying points for child, part II

Ok, I bought the card, and worked out how to upload the points to my child's account (couldn't do it via the TV/console, so tried via PC -   MUCH EASIER!)

But....    she still can't redeem the points!!!

Can someone tell me where I went wrong in this sequence?

1. Via TV screen, connect to xbox live under child's ID, confirm that the points appear in her account.

2. Go to Bazar. Choose game. select 'purchase'.  Message appears "Please go to parental control section and authorize purchases for this user" (or something like that)

3. I discover that parental control is not even activated on my system. so I activate it.

4. Bazar now appears absolutely empty of content !!!

5. go to My Xbox, check configuration. Aha!  The third pane (Security online) says she's set to 'Child' security setting, which includes 'purchases not permitted' among all the other restrictions.

6. Select 'change configuration', Choose "Personalize". Reset to allow purchases.

7. Still no content in the Bazar !!!

8. resort to forum  (and strongly consider trading in the Xbox for something more user friendly)

This is the way I have one of my kids set up.He is able to do most of what he wants this way.

Online Gameplay Decide whether to play games with other people on Xbox LIVE. Games for Windows LIVE, Windows Phone, and some promotions allow all members to play online for free.
Accept Friend Requests Decide whether to accept Xbox LIVE friend requests without approval. Xbox LIVE members may want to add this player to their friends list. You can require these requests to be approved by you, or allow this player to approve them on their own
Purchasing Decide whether this player can purchase premium content from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the console and Windows Phone. Premium content includes Xbox LIVE Arcade games, game add-ons, and other items. On, purchasing is restricted to adult accounts only.
Voice and Text Decide who to communicate with using voice and text on Xbox LIVE. This includes voice and text chat, messaging, and game invites.
Friends Only
Video Communication Decide who to interact with using video on Xbox LIVE. Video communication includes Video Kinect and in-game video chat.
Friends Only
Privacy Controls
Profile Sharing Decide who can see this profile. A profile includes motto, personal picture, name, bio, and location, if you have provided that information.
Friends Only
Game History Decide who can see this profile's game history. Game history includes the games played and achievements.
Friends Only
Online Status Decide who can see this profile's online status. Online status includes current online activity, like what's being played now and availability to play.
Friends Only
Video and Music Status Decide who can see the titles of the videos or music being played. If online status is blocked, content status is also blocked.
Friends List Decide who can see this player's friends list. A friends list includes access to friends and their profiles.
Voice Data Collection Decide whether to allow Microsoft to collect samples of voice commands spoken when in Kinect games and experiences. This helps Microsoft to improve speech recognition.
Kinect Sharing Decide whether you want content created with Kinect to be shared outside of Xbox LIVE. Video and Voice Communication in Video Kinect or Messenger on Xbox LIVE are controlled by the Video Communication and Voice and Text Communication settings.
Content Controls
Profile Viewing Decide whether to see other people's profiles. A profile includes information about a member's game history and achievements. It can also contain a gamer's motto and personal info, which you may find inappropriate.
Friends Only
Member Content Decide whether to see member-created content on Xbox LIVE. Member content includes images, text, and custom content in games and profiles, which you may find inappropriate. This setting doesn't prevent download of indie games.
Music, Music Videos and Windows Phone Games Do you want to allow marketplace access to explicit music, explicit music videos, and mature Windows Phone games? This setting doesn’t affect content of these types already downloaded to your computer, Xbox console, and phone.
Programming Decide whether to receive standard or family Xbox LIVE programming. Programming includes game and video offers and promotions on Xbox Dashboard.

well that did not work the way I wanted.  It really is easy to use the Xbox and family setting. Just need the right setup for your family.

Thanks Fyerball

We finally managed it!   In the end, I had to switch my daughter's account to Adult, then made the purchase, and then switched her back to Child.    So it seems the Personalization option doesn't work.

Happy to hear it all worked out in the end. I'm sure if it gets that bad you can call support and they may be able to walk you through it step by step. Away, great that you child was able to get her game add-ons and such.   Have a great day and anytime you have a question feel free to send me a message.

When you set up a Child account. There is no way to know if they are in the next room or another town. In order for your child to use points you must verify that you are giving permission. This can be done on I think there are several methods of verification. I do not believe it can be done via the Xbox, but I am unsure.

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