Buying Minecraft.

Hey everyone,

I was thinking to buy Minecraft for my Xbox 360, but my question on you guys is or the Minecraft - Xbox version funnier/ cooler/ more worster is than the PC version that i'm playing since a year.

When it is funnnier or cooler than i'm buying it, but when it sucks i keep the Euro's (i'm from Holland) in my pocket.

Thank you,



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It'll never be as "fun/cool" as the PC version due to the size limitations, but it's a good port.  While I'll concede that the PC version is the definitive product, I prefer the Xbox version due to that is where all of my friends are at.

Yeah.....I have to say after playing the PC version for a year you may feel "limited" with the 360 version in as things available to you to see and collect. Basically it looks the same and runs the same but the PC version (with the latest 1.7.2 update) has far more biomes and flowers and other items. It is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY bigger size wise and the vast amount of texture packs (resource packs) are all free and there are many. Crafting in the 360 is  breeze I have to admit. There is no "funner or cooler" difference in the 2 unless you see the vast variety in the PC version as cooler than in that case the PC wins hands down. The controller works quite well on the 360 and I infact prefer that over the button and mouse of the PC and I have grown accustomed to the controller even as a LONG time gamer who did my original gaming on the PC. It doesn't suck on the just have a smaller area (map) and not as many tree varieties, flowers etc to choose from. With those exception they are practically identicle. My big love of the PC version are the free texture (resource) packs.

Either way, enjoy your decision and Game On!!!!

PC version you get griefed, killed, hacked.  Console version is the same, but you seem to know the people better, or in real life you can thump them later.