Buying Everything in the Armories Achievements (Survival)

You have to buy everything in the specific armory in the same game? That's ridiculous. I just bought all the stuff in the equipment armory that I've never bought before & it made me buy everything else to get the achievement. I mean, how is that even possible with the weapon armory? Do you have to buy all the attachments too or just the guns?


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You don't have to buy everything in one match. It keeps track of it all. As far as attachments, once you buy it you don't have to buy it again for a different weapon. Don't forget to buy the five seven even though it says you own it.

Here are the attachements you need to buy once.

- Red Dot

- Holographic


- Grip(LMG's)

- M203

- GP-25(AK-47)

- M320(Type 95)

I forgot to mention the shotgun attachment.

Great that means i got to get to lvl 50

[quote user="REPULSIVE TACO"]

Great that means i got to get to lvl 50


Easy,just do the missions and you will be 35+ by the time you get there.I did it on veteran,dont know if it makes a difference or not.

Thanks for the list of attachments and the advice to buy the five seven, Miami Jackson.  I never thought to buy the five seven.

No prob :)

Miami needs to become an ambassador. NOW. Honestly, all I see you do is help people out on the forums. It just warms my heart seeing such a good community member. Just saying. The question has already been answered anyway so yeah.. lol.

Hooo.... this'll take a while.