Buying Case Zero after Playing 2

My house recently purchased Dead Rising 2 and It's been a lot of fun. However for unspecific reasons throughout the day I cannot play certain games, this being one of them. My question relates to the fact that I have heard that your progress from Case Zero (the 400M Pt Game) will transfer over to your character in DR2. What if I have already started the game and am say LvL 25 already? I have done a cursary search but found the wording hard to get google to understand


Follow up, does Case West do anything for DR2?


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I'm afraid it won't do anything. The progress that transfers from Case Zero to the main game is only up to level 5 as it was release as an introduction to Dead Rising 2. I still bought it though, even when I was level 50 in the main game. It's a neat little backstory.

1 of three things will happen. 1 You will get nothing from C0, 2 You will receive the clothes from case 0 and thats it, 3 you would need to start a new game to bring level 5 and clothes over to two.