Buyers Regret

Every single Xbla game i've ever bought has given me intense buyers regret. 

especially limbo... who do they think they are charging 1200 ms for a game that lasts 2 hours.

its was a good game but it should have been 800ms.

i just dont buy em anymore, even ones that look good like from dust and bastion.


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i agree, a lot of titles have gaven me HUGE regret.

i simply, just backed off after that happened.

I now look for "endlessly replayable games" like UNO.

Banjo Kazooie for example, I bought it in June and am STILL playing it routinely. UNO I got the game who knows how long ago, yet I come back for more. WORMS same thing. Geometry Wars 2 got old real fast. Yosumin, terrible reviews but I'm still playing it, YEARS later!

I refuse to pay for something that doesn't bleed with replay value.

Yeah replay value is the name of the game in this day and age. If it dosn't have it, i just won't buy it. I wonder if arcade sales are getting stronger or weaker

People will buy them for their quick boost in gamerscore. I can count on one hand games I personally think are currently worth buying on XBLA.

Theres loads of great arcade games and i buy some regulary, though theres two at the moment i regret buying, first is Breach and the second is The Baconing

I can understand with Limbo, I knew that was a 3 hour game and wouldn't go near it for more than 400msp, but there was another game that got lost in the hype of Limbo and released at the same time. Death Spank, This game was 9 hours plus of fun, it was worth the 1200 because it was longer than a lot of full retail games and more fun, I haven't got the second yet as I heard it has some major glitches that EA as usual is ignoring.

Another game worth the 1200 is Trenched, fantastic game and again has probably more game time than some retail games out there.

I'm still deciding if Crimson Alliance is worth the 1200  as all my friends are playing Dead island and I have yet to have a decent co-op game.

Zombie Apocalypse pure trash game for the price.

Battlefield 1943 was the exact opposite I felt like I got a bargain for how much I got out of that purchase.

This is exactly why you should always download and play the demo first. I know you can't tell how long it will take to complete the game but it will tell you if you are going to like it or not.

There's lots of XBLA games I think are great, but Limbo wasn't the greatest.  There are more and more 1200 games that could easily be 800.

My biggest regret is The Force Unleashed II Collector Edition.  My only collectors edition and most I've spent on a game.  Played through it once and didn't enjoy it.  I liked the first.

Blacklight... terrible.

I am happy with BF1943, From Dust, and Castle Crashers.

I don't buy many arcade games but I have been pretty satisfied with almost all of them. My favorites being Trials HD and Pinball FX2.

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