Buy with Miscrosoft Points?

Anyway to do so? I have points I don't particularly need and would rather use in lieu of cash.


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Actually when you are going to buy it theres an option at bottom which says to press a button ( I don't remember if it was X or Y ) in order to change the price from cash to microsoft points. I bought mine with MPs.

Found it, according to another forum you can press X at the purchase screen and it will change to points.

I actually read there's some way to fiddle around with the options in the Marketplace to switch it from cash to MS points, but at that point I had already bought it with cash so I didn't care to look into it any further :) But anyway, the option should be there, far as I know...

As it's in games on demand and not arcade I think the only way to do it is with cash. I could be wrong, but I would probably have used points if there was the option.