Buy "The One Now" or Wait till holidays for possible bundles and price drop

I purchased the xbone on release and traded for a ps4 about a month in due to the pay wall for apps.  One of my favorite games was RISE.  With the new updates and the stuff coming in November I will be purchasing the xbone again.  However, I can't decide whether to wait till November for possible new bundles or hard drive update beyond T1.  I am really interested to see how it flows with Windows 10.


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It is.

There's always deals & bundles around Nov/Dec so maybe wait.Depends how much you really want one plus the new dash etc. isn't out until November time.

Don't think there'll be a console with more than a 1tb hard drive announced for quite a while yet.

You should wait, I heard there's going to release a God of war bundle.

I DID IT AGAIN!!!  Bought the xbone 1TB with Halo Master Chief Collection.  Now I have the best of both worlds =).  

God of War?  For xbox?  Thought that was a PS4 exclusive?