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Thinking about picking this up for less than $20 only question is if this game is similar to Mortal Kombat? I have and enjoy playing Mortal Kombat and its gameplay. Was wondering if these 2 are the same in anyway?


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If you look here, you'll see MvC3 is a bit more fast-paced and flashier than MK. If you're into MK purely because of the gore, you obviously won't like MvC3. If you're a fan of fighting games in general, MvC3 might be a bit daunting/frustrating at first but once you get used to it, it's pretty fun.


Be warned it does have a much different feel to MK. I personally think characters in MK feel a bit heavier/sluggish (although I still love the game) than those in MvC3 so keep that in mind before you buy.

I passed this up when i first heard about it and got Mortal Kombat. well i wish i could have gone back and gotten this game instead of MK. I have MvC3 and i love it more then Mortal Kombat. Now i never liked fighting games like this because when i played Super Street fighter 4 i had trouble with the controls, but now i love them much more simple then MK combos and stuff (and i don't even use simple mode) I don't like simple mode it takes from what the game really is. If you can get this game get it you wont regret it. This is coming from a newbie fighter.

nothing like MK, but its more than worth 20 bucks. get it.

This game is well worth $20.

Blitzwing, to me MvC3 is much better then MK fighting wise. More fun More simple with combos. MK well was annoying as hell with combos. might just sell mine.

MvC3 is easier to pick up than MK.  Basic hit combos are pretty consistent throughout characters... XYBA jump YYBA can be done with like anyone.  Commands for specials are pretty consistent too.  Takes less time to pick up the basics of a character because of this.  MK takes a romp into practice mode just to learn the basic hit combos and special moves for each character since they vary so much.  Friends playing locally will probably like MvC3 better for its ease of use.  


Online populations seems to have dwindled.  After like 6 weeks I could do a whole arcade run through without a single request frequently (was just fighter rank) and most of the people I got were way more experienced than I.  MvC3 does not have spectator mode tho, which MK seems to, and I seem to run into people of my newish-intermediate level much more frequently in MK despite it's been out almost 2 months.   I catch more people ragequitting in MK though.


Much more single player content in MK.  Story mode, arcade ladder, tag ladder, challenge tower, hidden battles, and test your skills can encompass HOURS, whereas MvC3 has.... an arcade mode and some mediocre event/shadow battle modes.


Gameplay-wise the biggest complaint about MvC3 is the length of combos,seeing as how you can get juggled for like 20 seconds and then get hit with one or more hypers (some of which can have a combo continued off of).  While its not much more damage than the overall % of damage suffered in like an advanced MK combo, the length and number of hits tends to be frustrating for some.  X-Factor was an unnecessary feature in which you can do massive damage and massive chip damage without using up any hyper bars and such.  Anyone can do it once a match.


Bottom line: many said MvC3 felt it was too "rushed" and so much more could have been done with it.  Likewise, a lot of people left it.  MK seems to have put a lot more thought into it and gone back to its roots.  Of course the 2 games play totally differently so it would be like apples to oranges but I think on the overall I enjoy the *experience* of MK much more.  MvC3 was a great game but also got less enjoyable to play pretty fast.

I thought i would be that way when i got MK but i wasn't i thought it was gonna be somewhat fast in fighting and easy to learn but it isn't and that i hate. MK seems more involved with having to spam a move to win were MvC3 doesn't Yeah maybe with Galactus but that is it for MK you have those pesky Four arm characters, Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung (well i just hate him). To be honest i thought it was going to be somewhat new comer friendly but i was wrong. Now i love MvC3 so much i got the strategy guide so i can get better and learn stuff. Yeah right now i play on very easy...that is another thing the difficulties in MvC3 seem like what they say Very easy and easy feel just as what they say but with MK i played on Beginner and it didn't even feel like it i was still getting beat. (I am playing on very easy right now to learn everything and get better then i will up the difficulty).

Bottom line for me MvC3 is way better then MK, sure it may not have all the stuff MK has but i really don't care because i can enjoy myself without throwing my controller on the floor like i did with MK.

For 20$, BUY! Couch battles are better than online, but that's because I suck at it. (anyone looking to get 5 in a row ( or other 'in a rows' for the events) I'm up for the the abuse) I can't speak for MK9 or whatever.  I don't like MK in general.

MK is better. I had both games at one point and when friends came over we always played MK. More content, tag matches, a real story mode, FREE alternate costumes, more stages, a challenge tower, & bosses that are fun to fight against. ---- MVC3 was disappointing, once you unlock the 4 characters, there's not much else to do other than go online and probably get beat down. It's a good game, but it has nothing on MK.