Button Lag every game

I've had a problem now with button lag, on Fifa 11,12 and now 13, its become impossible to play and very stressfull, to the point I'm refusing to play any more and also considering moving over to playstation. I have tried many things now and still getting no joy, my internet speed is fine, and it doesn't effect any other games that I know of, I've tried port forwarding and other solutions to no joy - it really is ridiculous now and I've had enough, please anyone know of any other solutions or reasons


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If you have had it that amount of Fifas then it sounds like a problem at your end, connection wise!

yeah thats what I've always thought but my internet speed is no problem and it only happens on Fifa, so still confused

its Ea, they rent there servers and share them out among there games so fifa and battlefield share servers, hence the bad lag on fifa as it demands more of the server.

every fifa game has lag due to EA being cheap

Just to note, moving to Playstation will solve nothing on the matter. lol. Both platform use EA servers which are the cause of your issue, if not your connection.

Why do people always threaten to move to Playstation when stuff arises like this?  We're just users/gamers here.  We don't program games, run servers, configure your internets...  If you want a PS3, just do what I (any many others) did... buy one.

by all means buy a playstation, then complain on ps3 sites that you get lag,lol

Ea will not upgrade servers till they kill of fifa only then once they have fleeced us of every penny will they bring out a new game for the next gen console and upgrade the servers

no no no no no !

It´s EA nothing else.

Waht you all forget: Where are you from. If you are from the USA you don´t have the same experience like gamers from UK Germany France and so on.

EA is a Company who wants the Money from European people but they will not give Servers to them.