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Hi, I would like to hear your opinions in regards to *** busting as I believe it is being massively abused in this game.  I've heard many people tell me that its a feature put into the game to prevent players from crashing themselves out to avoid getting emp'ed. Now I personally have never encountered this but I do believe this to be true. That being the case what is your justification for *** busting other than that?  And something other than: Well you crashed. That is not a reason, thats just taking the easy answer. To me its comparable to a fighting game where one player uses a move combo that is for all intents and purposes is unblockable and unavoidable, your only hope being that that player in the course of using this same combo over and over has a finger slip or is a second too slow on their button press. A perfect example being Mortal Kombat Versus Dc Universe, anyone who owns the game and plays it actively online (yes I know the game was poorly done and had many glitches) knows that superman has a 1-2 punch combo where he repeatedly punches the ground sending shockwaves out and knocking the opposing player on to their backs and as long as the combo is maintained the receiving player is completely helpless and is akin to "a fish flopping around on shore"


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I doubt that feature was placed in just as a deterrent for the "crash to avoid Emp" tactic. You still have to be going relatively fast in order to crash the car, & the Emp lock has a limited range. So unless you manage to crash at a slow speed, the other player will fly past you since they had to stay within range for the lock. The reset time usually gets racers moving again before a cop can turn around & get to them.

As for the use of it, yes I agree that it's been used excessively. It's a trait similar (popularity wise) to those racers who turn around at the very beginning of a challenge & battle the cops or wait for them to move on.

It's a nice feature in Career mode though if your struggling to take down all the AI racers.

I don't get why people are upset over this, really. I just think they get pissed because they get caught. It is a "tactical" way to stop a suspect, and in game's like this, "do anything to win" is definitely the mindest. In that case, it is perfectly okay then to stop the suspect from escaping by any means possible. AGAIN: ANY MEANS POSSIBLE. This tactic is a "cheap one" but a MEANS of stopping the suspect nonetheless. Therefore, it is just something that police can use to stop a suspect. It is in the game, therefore, it can be used. Maybe drive faster, better, or smarter than the police? Or maybe try to avoid crashing?