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I'm not happy with busted games,you know the ones that continuously need updates you have to pay for in a download or the game that's really buggy or the one that the counters don't work or reset your rank or contain broken achievements. Yeh I get not happy after paying a lot of money for a busted game but they keep selling them and hope people forget after a while. Wonder when Xbox Two is coming out? or 3 or 4? Hate busted games!


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[quote user="home and hosed"]you know the ones that continuously need updates you have to pay for in a download[/quote]

What updates do you need to pay for?

When you download something you need the net so to download you have to pay for the net connection. Effectively your paying for the download,you even pay for all the ads you get online.

He is unhappy about having to download updates because his Internet Service Provider charges him for data sent and received.

Why someone on that sort of data package would purchase a system that uses so much data is a mystery.  Some people say "You should have done your homework" but that's not the most helpful reply and even though there's an element of truth to it, it makes people who say it come across like jerks.

On launch the sheer amount of Game Updates you have to endure may have come accross as a big surprise.

But since the XBox ONE launched I think the only games that haven't required Day 1 Updates are "Sleeping Dogs" and "Bloodbowl 2".

That being said it's not that the games are broken.

XBox LIVE gives the Publishers the chance to apply fixes and improve a title.

Unfortunately for too many Publishers it's a way to add content to the shop... but for almost all of the titles being given updates, it's providing an improvement and making your game better.

You can pull a face about it and be mad... but that's a bit unreasonable.  You have a point that they should be good to go when they're released, but most people will agree being able to apply patches to iron out bugs, small or large, is a good thing.

You might want to look at getting a better Broadband package.  If your data is not capped this is not an issue for you any more.

A game should never be released broken but if you look hard enough you can find fault with almost any game released regardless of the system.

Again here you don't specify what games you are playing that are broken.  Are they broken or are you simply saying they are broken because you had to pay for data for an update?

Its just the way it is now unfortunately. It's not just Xbox One but PS4 is the same. You shouldn't even own either unless you have unlimited data as updates of 10GB or more are extremely common.  

Best to either upgrade your internet to unlimited data or stick with the 360

Like Malacath said, it's just the way it is now. I can't even envision it being any other way. Back when games were play tested, they were much smaller than they are now. If they were to be fully tested they would release even fewer and and the time between each would be so much longer.

It must be awful having a data cap. In a world that is so connected I cannot even imagine such a thing.

Wait till it's digital only and no discs.  Or no downloading what's so ever and just streamed to a box when you buy it.

I would suggest looking into your ISP, I understand that your choices can be limited if you're in the US, but getting off the data cap would eliminate your issue and also why it's pretty much a non-issue for majority of the community.

For the record, I am getting sick of the games that release completely broken, but I guess as long as they're fixed quickly it shouldn't be a problem.

I can't believe bandwidth/data caps are still a thing on anything but mobile data on contract phones. The ISPs capping usage in 2015 need to be named, shamed, and then shut down. >=|

^^ I agree. It's scandalous.

HALO 5 anyone?

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