Bush Wookies?

Are the objective game modes atracting large amounts of bush wookies?


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Depends on the map. Damavand Peak on Rush is sniper heaven. The attackers have an excellent vantage point with major terrain advantage. But in the final phase the role reverses when they're forced to skydive and get sniped from below. It's definitely not game-breaking though. It's just annoying when everyone and their mom wants to snipe and nobody goes for the actual objectives.

played about 4 or 5 matches...did pretty well, got GAK'd by a single sniper once in like my last match, so I'm leaning towards no....oh and as far as I can tell, the snipers don't really look like chewbacca anymore....so you guys are gonna have to invent some new canned insult that can be used and rehashed to death

I'd say about 70-80% of rush/conquest games are still plagued by snipers that camp the edge of the maps. I can't say I'm surprised but it's frustrating when nobody PTFO. The game still has its good moments when you do happen to join a non-retarded squad/team though, so don't worry about not having fun.

Special pro tip for recon players: SPOT enemies. You'll earn tons of spot assist points and you'll actually be doing something useful in the game. Unlike CoD it's kinda hard to give a crap about how l33t your sniping skills are when there's a gigantic battle taking place right in front of you.

bush wookies have been replaced by middle aged bandits who wear balaclava's.

you realize only one game mode in BF/BC is no objective don't you?

but really, it does have an objective, to kill the other team more

is their really a question in here?