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The XBLA titles don't seem to have changed on here for a while. There is no forum for Burnout CRASH! so, I guess this will have to do for now.


It might not be true Burnout, but it is a lot of fun! It's quite addictive trying to beat your friends high scores.


I'm nowhere close to finishing it yet.


Any other CRASHERS! out there?


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I don't currently have any friends with CRASH! yer, is there anyone who is playing and wants some new challengers? Send a friend request to ABthree.

I usually like Burnout titles but this one did nothing for me. The top down view just did not feel right.

Yep I picked it up, fantastic game and one of the most addictive arcade games I've played, yes it may not be the most visually pleasing but it makes up for it in gameplay.

I'll add you ABthree and sent one across to you too Zombietron.

If you want to add your high scores over at www.BurnoutAholics.com we put a leaderboard up there, so you can compete with people who aren't on your friendslist! :)

It really is nothing like the previous Burnout CRASH! modes, but as an arcade title, it does enough for me, it's got quite a lot to it really.

It took me a little while to get my head around the 3 different game modes, you really have to play each mode differently to do well.

... and I still haven't tried it with Kinect yet!

Just got this but none of my friends seem to have it, send me a F/R for the autolog challenges if you want

Checked out the free trial day of release and immediately purchased it afterwards. Thought it was great! Add me if you like -- just please send a message along with the FR to let me know you are a Crash player.

We have a highscore over 50 billion on our leaderboards.

See how you compare www.burnoutaholics.com

The current leader plays on PSN, we got to show that Xbox players are better! :) It will take a bit of beating tho, the 2nd place only has 40 billion total score so far!

Burnout CRASH! has a forum now,