Bunny Hopping / Double Jumping crazy

Ok I have played all the Call of Duty games from the very first on the PC upto the newest rubbish,  I remember the old days on the PC watching guys bounce and bunny hop across the screen, it became a real problem where everyone did it, it was so unrealistic and stupid.

This seemed to disappear when COD hit the consoles and life was good again, until now,  Yeah ok lets have Exo suits to reach higher vantage points and access different parts of maps but they need restricting.  to continuously double jump across a map is ridiculous everytime I come across someone they are now just flying in the air all over the place over and over again.  It has ruined this game.

I am really concerned this is what all new CODs will be like as the ex suit looks like its here to stay.  also on a different note I noticed Jet packs in Star Wars I hope thats not gonna be the same.  But anyway I hope someone listens and takes note that these bunny hopping double jumping game ruiners need calming down.

Just restrict the suit so it has to recharge after every jump this would calm the issue down and create a more strategic gameplay as you would how to think about where you were going rather than just flying all over the place.

I can't be the only one thats noticed this and finds it totally annouying.


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Ruined the game with these exo suits. Tactical nonse has no place no more only exo dodging and madcap jumping. Hopefully the new Black Ops will do away with these daft options.

In reality, the EXO movement is only a fraction of the game-play itself. You can move stealthily along the maps without ever having to use the EXO suit. Flying up in the air constantly makes you a target.

I'm good with the Exo for the most part but I think it created some serious issues with spawns and made the game a bit too fast paste for my taste. The thrust abilities seemed much more toned down in the Black Ops 3 beta, CoD should have a much more classic style of play this year without losing some of the movement mechanics AW introduced completely.

don't they have lobbies without the suits? and as for me I am glad they have them. call of duty has been the same game over and over and over again for years now!

It might be the same game year in and year out, but that is why people like them. Hell if you get on the PC and play a little 1.6 CS you will still find a ton of people playing that, and that has been around for 16 years.

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True you do have a point. But personally I like the Exo Suits and being able to jump around like I am crazy because it seems to make the multiplayer more engaging and difficult sometimes it makes me angry but everyone has their own opinion.

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