Bungie will continue to support our Reach statistics.

   First, welcome to the new forums everyone!


   After last week I know quite a few of us were worried that when Bungie handed over Halo, we would lose the ability to view our statistics on Bungie's site.


   Well, they've just released there latest update located here, With confirmation that we will be able to continue to see all of our stats there. So go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief.


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GUESS WHO'S HEEEEEERRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its awesome that bungie will still keep our stats. and welcome to the new forums to you too, macster!

It goes to show even more that Bungie is simply a quality game developer.

Good to know all my wasted days will be on display for years to come. (^_^)

Good to know. I'm glad the 1,000+ games I've played on Reach will be kept for years longer.

I'm glad for that. The stats on waypoint.com kinda suck. I know it's in beta form but it looks "clunky" to me. Bungie's are nice and polished.

Thank you Bungie, was worried about my Leaderboard stats lol :)

Can't wait to show my kids my stats (when I have them).  I'm going to show them how impressive I was at Halo.  That will make me cool.

Heh, made me laugh iLLo


I thought they was storing the stuff for Halo Waypoint at a later date.