Bungie should remove the energy sword from Rumble Pit Slayer.

Seriously, how are we supposed to compete with a guy camping in a corner on Sword Base with the energy sword? I know what you're going to say, "toss grenades in there, come up the chute, avoid him, etc."


1. Tossing grenades doesn't do anything. The angle required to toss the grenades into the room isn't good enough. The grenade doesn't hit the wall with enough force to bounce at the enemy sitting in the opposite corner.


2. If I go up the chute, he'll stab me.


3. The other players aren't avoiding him and are dying trying to kill him. They're giving him all the points he needs to win! So, the only thing I can do is help a little by firing at him right after the sword carrier has killed the previous player and hope that I kill him.


Here is a Slayer game where I managed to hit 1st place:



When you look at my weapons, you'll notice I had the energy sword. I was hogging it so the other players couldn't get a cheap kill. Made the game challenging.


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I forgot to ask a really important question.


Is it possible to hog the energy sword so other players don't use it?


Will other players be able to pick up another one even if I have one in my possession?

No, you have armor and even the BS sword block! If you can't take down someone with a sword it's your fault.

It'd just respawn. So; No to the first question, Yes to the second question.

It's my fault how? The energy sword is a one-hit kill weapon. There is no way I can take that guy down unless his back is facing me. But, if I am far enough away from him and keep backing away while shooting then I can kill him.

Bah, first off. Use armor lock to make him lose shields and then pop out and headshot him. Or his sword block and shot him twice. Easy enough?

I mean just sword block and shoot him twice.

You know how to sword block, right? :)

I never knew such a move existed. How do I perform it?

Perfect timing. You have to melee almost at the exact instant that he lunges/melees with the sword. Some people have done it enough to block you every time, but it's pretty hard to pull off without enough practice.

However, I do agree with you on your OP. The sword is far too powerful of a weapon for a free for all, especially with all of the camping spots on the maps in this game. One tactic though, for Sword Base, is to grab the Grenade Launcher on the bottom floor near the blue grav lift in the middle. If you angle it good enough, you can wreck the people camping in the lift room since its range is plenty big to take people out in the small area of the room.

One thing I'd like to add to that Noble forgot: you can NOT sword block without full shields. Really, your best bet to rid of sword is just to armor lock.

Thanks for the advice Speedy. I'll keep that in mind.

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