Bungie Pro vs Family Plan??

My kid wants to get Bungie Pro with his MSP (thankyou Bing & XBL Rewards) has anyone run across any problems with a secondary user on the family gold plan? I ask because there's some things that secondaries (even adults) can't use on the FGP.

I'm gonna ask in Gamer Parents too, so please don't lock/delete this one Full Metal)


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Honestly, i don't think it does. But i would check with parents.

I don't know either, but Gamer Parents is definitely where it's at.

Nobody knew so we just risked it. His vid seemed to render okay (Donutt Boy if you wanna check). So for the record, doesn't seem to make a difference.

The Bungie Pro subscription is registered to the purchasing gamertag, if that's what you were asking. I don't think it interferes at all with Xbox Live's account terms, because it is from a separate company. Bungie Pro is really only something that affects Bungie's website and servers (rendering, extended fileshare, nameplates). You can't really access any features of Bungie Pro from your actual console. So therefore, there most likely isn't any sort of limitation on it regarding a family plan.