Bungie Day 2011 "Fail"

Well, i was thinking about how to start and here it is..

Bungie Day 2011 was a complete FAIL. That makes it simple eh?
Bungie Day started about 8AM our time, and will finish at 8AM tomorrow our time. Now i wanna talk about some of the reasons it failed...

A) In the Bungie Day 2009, hundreds of bungie employees were playing similtaniously on the playlist so you had a big chance of getting to play against them. (I did 3 times that day 7/7/09) Now this year did they do that again? Oh no that would be sensible. They decided to have hundreds or thousands but merely four. Yup just one team of bungie people out there in a playlist around 60,000 strong at its climax. Now taking the current population lets find out how much of a chance you have of playing against bungie.

Current Population : BUNGIE DAY 52,385 Players.
Now we know that 4 bungie people are in that number so lets do the maths...
52,385 DIVIDED BY 4 = 13096.25

So mathematically to play aginst bungie you would have to play 13096.25 games then you would play them. Now obviously this is not the actual figure as for some it is far less and for the vast majority it is far more. STUPID!

B) The prize this year is so stupid, I am not actually keen to win, just to play (ON LIVE STREAM BUNGIE JUST GOT PWNED 50-26!) In 2009 the recon helmet was like the best prize anyone could have hoped for. But now we get a giftcard for a stupid bungie store. Its just not the same.

Now obviously bungie day did have some up-sides so for balance I have included them to...

A) The slot machine always gave out at least 777CR, which is more than you would normally get, so you got a minimum of 1500CR a game averaging about 1700-2000CR a game. Now on 2 occasions today I did recieve a 7777CR slot machine giveaway, which is pretty good if you ask me. I also got the 30,000CR Jackpot earlier at about 10AM, but that was un-related to the playlist.

B) The World is currently pawning bungies butt. BUNGIE 26 - 49 WORLD. This score is from the 7/7 at 9:31 PM.
Well at least we are beating them, but look how many games they have actually done, so little, so little.


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No,  Bungie Day wasn't a fail.


I got Blue Flames, I got a Star Nameplate, I got a Bungie Nameplate. I got a swag bag. I got a Burn Blue Burn Bright shirt. I can get TWO STEAKS.


That's better to me than a free map, or Recon, or Flaming Helmet for one day.

Yeah, I'm not seeing either how this year's Bungie Day was a "fail," of all things.

But OP, what would have them rather do this year, besides the things Speedy mentioned that Bungie did do this year?


Also OP, it would be a good idea to not put in your Bio that you are a Bungie employee when you are really not. Impersonation is something taken very seriously.

It's hilarious to be caught out impersonating an official by a Mod on the official Xbox Forums by the way .


And to be honest I don't see anything more than some random rage at Bungie. I think what they're doing is fine and I personally didn't bother with it.

they don't really have to do anything

I've had a great time so far... A lot of the players in the playlists are huge Halo fans and are pretty nice (Finally took off All Mute). I've gotten tons of Jackpots and had a great time with hundreds of other players. In no way was this a fail.

I'm betting Bungie is losing more steaks than they bargained for, but it just shows how loyal (and awesome) their fans are.

I have to agree with you all the way

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